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Sample of 40+ topics that are scheduled or in the library

Shifting Facilities
to Near-Zero

PepsiCo’s near-zero Modesto site offers early adopter fleet and technology experts the opportunity to discuss lessons learned on transitioning a facility to multiple near- and zero-emission vehicle technologies with supporting infrastructure.

Scaling Zero-Emission
Vehicle Fleets

Early adopter fleet and technology expert discussions on piloting – then scaling – two zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle types: battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Meeting Customer
Sustainability Needs

Discussion with top brands on their strategy and supplier expectations, hear examples of meeting expectations, and understand where to start a fleet sustainability program.

CNG and Hydrogen Workshop

Fleet discussion sessions during a 1.5-day workshop at the North Carolina manufacturing facility of Agility Fuel Solutions on natural gas, hydrogen, regulation, funding, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Electric MDV/HDV Workshop

Discussion among participants hosted at the Penske and NFI facilities in Southern California. Penske, NFI, and their electric truck / infrastructure partners shared lessons learned from the initial launch of their HDV electrification projects.

Lessons from the First Microgrids and Storage Projects

Learn from the first fleets who have made energy storage and onsite energy production a part of their fleet sustainability and resilience strategy.

Inductive Charging: Where it’s Viable Today

Learn from charging technology developers and users on the current state of inductive charging and results from first installations.

Reality of Renewable Hydrogen Today and Tomorrow

Talk with leading developers of renewable hydrogen and fleet customers on the state and future of this technology.

Using Renewable Diesel When Alt Fuel Vehicles Won’t Work

Discuss with current users and providers of renewable diesel on its performance and ways to procure it cost effectively around North America.

Additionally, fleet members meet to discuss best practice on specific technologies:

Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure

CNG Vehicles and Infrastructure

All slides, recording, and lessons learned briefs from sessions are saved on a fleet members-only website.

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The ACT Fleet Forum is organized by TRC’s Clean Transportation Solutions team, previously known as Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA). TRC’s team of engineers, funding experts, compliance and policy specialists, and communications strategists is dedicated to advancing the market for low- and zero-emission commercial transportation technologies and fuels. TRC produces the annual Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, which brings more than 12,000+ transportation stakeholders together for a week of learning and networking.